Interview Amsterdam with Carl

Carl lives in Amsterdam and gives you his good tips to have a good time :-)

How many times have you been to Amsterdam before being a permanent resident? As a tourist what was your motivation to go there?

I had been visiting Amsterdam three times before moving there. First as a family trip and later on European cities’ tours. I have always been seeking for places to travel to and that you never get tired of; Amsterdam became one of those to that extend that I jumped on the occasion to move there!

Now that you perfectly knows the city, would you recommend a specific area to enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam?

I always appreciate riding my bike down to De Pijp and visiting different spots there like Bazar Amsterdam (an old synagogue turned into a North African restaurant). Alternatively, I really like The Foodhallen in Oud West.

There are endless and out of the ordinary options for going out.

In your opinion, is Amsterdam a good destination for families? If yes, any recommendation for visits or activities?

Wherever you wander in Amsterdam, you will find beauty to it. The canals are endless and one next to another. I would recommend to rent bikes and simply get lost in the Jordaan,De 9 Straatjes, Harlemmerstraat and other neighborhoods.

The city has a rich cultural past and is a travelers nation. That can be felt in the cuisine and in the richness of the cultural offer. There are endless choices of museums and exhibitions to choose from. At moment, you can visit the Banksy exhibition at the Moco museum. For kids, I have been told the science museum is a great choice.

The shopping offer is also varied with several places such as P.C.Hooftstraat, Leidsestraat and Kalverstraat.

Amsterdam for families: website

Is Amsterdam an expensive destination? To eat or to accommodate?

There is something for every wallet in Amsterdam at least in terms of food. You can satisfy your appetite with state of the art street food, or indulge yourself with fancier options like my favorites; Izakaya and Momo’s. Try out the diverse cuisines here embedded from the rich variety of nationalities in the city, and please, do not stick to Dutch food. You might find yourself disappointed.

The hotels are generally pricy, but there are many great options to be found on Airbnb.

How can we easily move in Amsterdam?

From the EU, the mobility is relatively easy thanks to open borders, from Switzerland too (just a little more administration to figure out). Be prepared though: all administration is in Dutch, so get help if you do not speak the language.

If you had to name Amsterdam in 1 word, what would you say?


Amsterdam website

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