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The island of Majorca is a popular destination for British and German tourists. The island is the largest of the Balearic Islands belonging to Spain in the Mediterranean. Everything is ready for tourists, so it is very easy to travel, but like any tourist destination, there are dangers. Here are some tips on the warnings or dangers of Majorca Island.

General Safety

Most of the island is very safe. It is a tourist haven, and the local authorities want to make tourists happy so that they maintain their security. Risks are more likely to be pickpockets or opportunity crimes. At night, being alone is never wise, no matter where you are, but criminals are looking for tourist areas, so a little general precaution 4 is enough. Be careful to walk alone on the beach at night.

Many Tourists

The small town of Magaluf is invaded by tourists, especially those who love to drink and have fun all night. They can become obnoxious, and possibly dangerous at times. If you like to have fun all night with too much alcohol and debauchery, that's your place. From far, there are other very beautiful places to see on the island. Even in the party sense, there is a lot of arrogance in the region of S'arenal, and they can be aggressive towards men on their own. It's also a good idea to plan your trips carefully, thinking of the crowd. The streets are less crowded, and many places are less crowded, early in the morning.

Small Games

Thieves love beaches and tourist areas, because people are not on their guard, so keep your guard up. Many beach vendors can be aggressive and have a few rounds of their sleeves. One is to buy you a drink and open it, so they say you have to pay, because it's open. They'll make a story and maybe call the police if you don't pay. Sellers of various products can also be very aggressive and difficult. Also pay attention to the shell of the game. It's rigged and designed to take your money. In the Royal Palace, the women will put a rose on you, and in confusion, they will steal your pockets.

Natural Pests

Beware of mosquitoes, which can be very annoying in the summer with all the small lakes on the island. Often they are just a nuisance, rarely cause disease, but a little spraying can help. The sun is also very hot, so you also need a sunscreen. The heat of summer can also cause sunburn. It seems obvious, but it's good to know.

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