The beauty is in the Bahamas

The Bahamas comprises about 700 islands with only 30 of them are inhabited and it is a great destination to go if you want to live the island life. The islands are filled with thrilling activities that you can try from which makes it a top destination for all kinds of tourists. The highlight of the Bahamas is Nassau which is surrounded by historic buildings, majestic parks, and iconic beaches that you can explore. Some of the best things to do in the Bahamas are listed below.

Top things to do in the Bahamas

Explore the Atlantis Paradise Island

This is a salmon-pink resort that dominates the skyline on Paradise Island. The resort recreates the legend of Atlantis in a luxury hotel and it houses an aquarium, entertainment complex and waterpark where you can have fun. The highlight of the resort is the famous 141-acre Aquaventure which is a waterpark that is surrounded by nerve-wracking slides and over 20 swimming areas. It also houses a marine habitat where you will see swordfish and hammerhead sharks swimming through the lovely open-air pools. Atlantis is a perfect destination to go for all age groups and you will surely have a swell time here.

Have fun at Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Exuma comprises varieties of islands which are Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and Staniel Cay. This is a marine protected area and it is first of its kind in the Caribbean, it can be found in the remote part of the eastern edge of Bahamas. The park offers picturesque seascapes in the Bahamas as it blessed with luminous water and white sand. The park also attracts divers and boaters due to its quality anchorages, crystal clear waters, and diverse marine life to explore. You should also keep in mind that no fishing or shelling is permitted while in the park. The Exuma cays are so mesmerizing that it is some home to movie stars like Johnny Depp and also some exclusive resorts. While you are in Staniel Cay, you should also ensure you do not miss the popular swimming pigs and Thunderball Cave.

Swim with the dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island

The Blue Lagoon Island was once the home for pirate buccaneers before it was later turned to a diver training ground during the Second World War. The Blue Lagoon Island is also called the Salt Cay and it is a thrilling family-friendly destination not to miss while in the Bahamas. Some of the top things to do here is to wander around the lovely stretches of white sand that line the shores, climb to the top of McCutcheon’s Tower for panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, head to the inland lagoon to try out a plethora of water sports, you are also going to find varieties of Segway tracks and walking paths that you can explore. The highlight of the island is the world-famous Dolphin Encounters program which will allow you to swim with the dolphins.

Explore the Lucayan National Park

This park stretches over 40 acres of land and can be found on the southern coast of Grand Bahama. The park offers a stunning landscape surrounded by mangrove swamps and beaches, pine forests, and lovely boardwalks suitable for bird-watching and wildlife spotting activities. The highlight of the park is the Subterrane which is the underwater cave system that is regarded to be some of the largest and the longest of its kind in the whole world. One of the best things is to explore the caverns where you will find bats and jungle creatures and also get an insight into its unique ecosystems that are supported by the environment.

Wander around the Port Lucaya Marketplace

This is a vibrant market located on the edge of the harbor of Freeport in Grand Bahama. You can not miss this marketplace as it is designed in classically Caribbean colors of bright pink, yellow and green. The market is a great destination for shoppers as it is surrounded by over 40 boutique outlets where you can buy local straw crafts and art pieces. You are also going to find a plethora of eateries and cafes, food vendors, and beer bars to explore. The best thing to do here is to come here when it is dark to enjoy a thrilling nightlife as it hosts varieties of DJ shows in the town.

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