The 49th State: Alaska

Alaska is an enormous state in the United States and it is filled with a wide range of attractions that you cannot explore in one trip. The state offers tourists mind-blowing sceneries and it is surrounded by a wide range of thrilling outdoor adventures that you can try out. The city also has a rich history and it is a great destination to go for all kinds of travelers from nature lovers to adventure seekers. Some of the best things to do in Alaska are listed below.

Top things to do in Alaska

Go sightseeing at Denali National Park

This park houses the tallest peak in the United States and it is a top destination to go for outdoor lovers. The park is surrounded by more than 6 million acres of tundra, glaciers, alpine ranges, and river valleys that you can explore. The park also features diverse wildlife like wolves, grizzly bears, elk, reindeer, etc. with about 200 species of birds. You should also make sure you enjoy the sled dog kennels in the park. You will see demonstrations of how huskies work together in pulling sleds across long distances.

Visit Tracy Arm Fjord

Tracy Arm Fjord is a fjord surrounded by glaciers and can be found in the south of Juneau. It is a great destination to go for cruise ships and boat tours while in Alaska. You will see as waterfalls tumble down sharp rock walls and glaciers which creates small icebergs. It offers nature lovers a scenic backdrop for Instagram-worthy pictures. You are also going to find wildlife around such as brown bears, whales, moose, seals, and so on. You will also enjoy the great views of Alaska from here.

Go on a drive through Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is also called the Alaska-Canada Highway and it runs from Dawson Creek in British Columbia to Delta Junction close to Fairbanks through Yukon Territory. The highway was constructed during WWII in 1942 for military purposes. Since the end of the war, it is a major route to access the Yukon Territory and southern Alaska. You will find some attractions, shops, motels around the highway.

Explore Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve

This is the largest and the most mesmerizing national parks in Alaska, it also houses nine of the sixteen highest peaks in the country. The park is close to Canada and it features numerous lakes, glaciers, and mountain streams with a rich diversity of wildlife. It is a great destination to go if you are a climber, watersports lovers, and hikers. The highlight of the park is the Kennecott Mines National Historic Landmark where you will get an insight into the history of a former mill town surrounded by preserved heritage buildings and abandoned mines.

Wander around Iditarod National Historic Trail

This is the only National Scenic Trail in Alaska and it features numerous trails that cover over 2,300 miles between Nome on the Bering Strait and Seward close to Anchorage. The trail was once used by ancient hunters and also gold prospectors and it is popularly known for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The trail is surrounded by majestic landscapes where you will discover stunning views of the mountains, numerous wildlife, and lovely glaciers. It is best to come here during the winter but some sections can also be explored during the summer months like the famous Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park.

Visit the University of Alaska Museum of the North

The museum can be found in Fairbanks and it houses over one million historical artifacts and natural history pieces. In the permanent collection, you will find fine arts collection that focuses on Alaskan art, ethnological items that were made and used by indigenous groups, bird collection, paleontology specimens, and archaeological finds. The museum is situated in a majestic building that was designed by Joan Soranno. The white structure features fascinating lines and curves that are designed to look like the landscape of Alaska.

Explore White Pass & Yukon Route Railway

If you want to get an insight into the 1897-98 Gold Rush while in Alaska, you can head to Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. You can go on a hike through the 33-mile Chilkoot Trail which starts at Taiya River Bridge and it gives an insight into the path and struggles of past gold seekers. You can also spend time wandering around the visitor center and on-site museum. For a more thrilling experience, you can explore the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway which leaves from Skagway to 2,865-foot elevation.

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