Mongolia on your bucket list in 2020

Mongolia is located in the heart of central Asia and it is among the best destination to go for adventure lovers. The country is surrounded by diverse and sweeping landscapes, accommodating and friendly locals, and thrilling attractions to explore. The country will surely never fail to delight you as it has a rich history and culture which dates back to thousands of years. Some of the top things to do in Mongolia are listed below.

Top things to do in Mongolia

Visit Terelj National Park

This park is surrounded by ochre-hued ridges and rising peaks that soar high above the horizon in the northern part of Ulaanbaatar. The park is considered to be among the most accessible backcountry destination in the country and the best thing is that it is close to the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. The park is filled with sculpted rock formations and pine-studded mountain valleys to explore. The best place to go in the park is the southern part where you will find nomad camps and camel farms that you can explore. The northern part is filled with alpine Khagiin Khar Lake and numerous hot springs to visit.

Go sightseeing at Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

This is an enormous park that rises like a form of defense for the country against the tristate of China, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The park features more than five rugged peaks that rise to about 4000m above the sea level. You are going to find hardy creatures like hoofed ibexes here and the Tuvan nomad tribespeople call this park home. You will also find yurts along the banks of the stunning Dayan Nuur during the summer and if you are lucky, you will spot legendary eagle hunters in the low-lying plains. The park is also popular for housing ancient petroglyphs and interesting Turkic sculptures.

Visit Lake Khovsgol

This lake is located between shale peaks and the rocky foothills of the Sayan Mountains and it is regarded as the second-largest waterbody in Mongolia. The lake flows down from the Russian border and it is surrounded by grassy banks, blasted pine trees, and pebble coves which are the spot where the locals relax during the summer. The lake is located in a national park mainly to protect the water. The water in the lake is also drinkable and it has a rich geological history that dates back to 2 million years ago.

Explore Orkhon Valley

This valley once houses the great Khans and it was the epicenter of power which led to the onslaught of the Mongols across Asia and Europe. The valley has a rich history as it was once the base of popular names like Genghis and Kublai. The valley is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it also celebrates the deep traditions of nomad living. The valley is a top tourist destination in Mongolia and it attracts tourists that want to see the ruins of the legendary Karakorum, explore the frozen waterfalls, discover the palaces of Xanadu, or just relax at the rustic Buddhist monasteries.

Wander around Ulaanbaatar

This is the capital city of Mongolia and it is surrounded by reflective glass skyscrapers, numerous neighborhoods with Soviet-style blocks, and so on. The city is quite different from other parts of the country and it features a vibrant atmosphere filled with designer outlets and shopping malls that you can explore. The city is also filled with historical and fun attractions that you can visit such as the palace of Bogd Khaan, the stunning National Museum of Mongolia, the Genghis Kahn’s monument, and lots more.

Go sightseeing at Khangai Nuruu National Park

This park should not be mistaken for the Khustain Nuruu National Park in the west. The park covers an enormous area of land in and around Orkhon Valley. It is among the largest park in the country and it features quintessential steppe from the start to the end. In the park, you will discover sweeping grasslands that rise and fall as they roll out into the distance. Some of the best things to do here are to ride horses with nomads and sleep in the traditional yurt villages for a thrilling local experience.

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