Pack smart, travel safe!

A travel medicine kit is essential to leave the peace of mind on vacation.

Plan at least a first aid kit and the minimum necessary for minor injuries on the road.

In parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania, even minimal care can be very complicated, especially in remote areas. In following my advice for preparing your travel pharmacy, you can have everything you need without being too bulky.

First-aid kit

- 1% hydrocortisone cream

- Antibacterial

- Antiseptic

- Gel for sunburns

- Insect bite anti-itch gel or cream

- Bandages

- Cotton swabs

- Tweezers

- Eye drops

For a complete First-aid kit, just chose this one

Travel sickness

Anti histamine


Patches against motion sickness

Stockings of contentions


Treatment against diarrhea

Treatment against constipation (laxatives)

Oral rehydration solution (ORS)

Intestinal antiseptic

Children and babies


Diaper rash cream

Diapers, wipes

Sun total screen

Baby Fly


Physiological serum

Rehydration solutions (in case of diarrhea)

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