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Iceland is located in the far north and popularly known for its contrasting landscapes. The country is covered in snow and ice and it is also among the most volcanic regions in the world as it is surrounded by numerous active volcanoes. The country is also surrounded by a wide range of attractions that you can explore from the national parks to beaches which makes it a great destination for all types of travelers. Some of the best things to do in Iceland are listed below.

Top things to do in Iceland

Explore Snæfellsjökull National Park

This park can be found on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula and the highlight at the park is the glacier known as Snaefellsjokull. You are also going to find stunning lava tubes and lava fields at the park which attracts diverse local fauna and flora. The park is a top destination for nature and animal lovers as you can go whale watching and also spot birds. The park is also surrounded by lovely walking trails where you can walk along the glacier any time of the year.

Go sightseeing at Dynjandi Waterfall

Dynjandi is considered to be among the most mesmerizing waterfalls in the Westfjords area of Iceland and can be found on Dynjandivogur Bay. You will find numerous smaller waterways before you get to a location where you will see the raging waters of Dynjandi. The waterfall is located in a protected nature reserve and you can also camp close to the water if you want to enjoy the enchanting sceneries for a while.

Visit the Tectonic Plates

The Tectonic Plates can be found on the Pingvellir Plain and can be found between North America and Europe. You will see as the plates are shifting away from each other and this is caused by the crafts and rifts in the landscape. This phenomenon then causes the formation of lakes, rivers, and ragged gulleys. For a thrilling experience, you can walk along the fault lines where you can enjoy this nerve-wracking phenomenon up close. You should also make sure you do not miss the Oxara River that falls on the side of a plate and it forms a stunning series of waterfalls and Drekkingarhylur Pool.

Have fun at Rauðasandur Beach

This beach offers an enchanting scenery as it features pink and red sand on the backdrop of Latrabjarg Peninsula. Although it is not a great place to go sunbathing on the sand, you can go on a seaside walk and enjoy the picturesque sceneries of the pounding waves and turquoise lagoon. You can also stroll along the edge of the water and look for the resident seals or go on a coastal trail to the popular Latrabjarg Bird Cliffs which is a top destination to try out bird watching activity.

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Explore the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is among the popular attraction in Iceland and it features a geothermal spa that consists of heated seawater with lovely turquoise color. It is believed that the water has healing properties and it attracts lots of visitors every year. It also contains silica and other minerals where you can treat numerous skin conditions and other ailments. You will also find a clinic at the lagoon where you can seek treatments and also enjoy a luxury spa.

Discover the Northern Lights

Iceland is among the best destination in the world where you can see the Northern Lights also called Aurora Borealis. If you are very lucky, you are going to see them from the capital city of Reykjavik or you can head to Seltjarnarnes where there is a higher chance that you can spot this phenomenon away from the light pollution.

Visit Hallgrimskirkja Church

This church can be found in the capital city of Reykjavik and it is considered the largest church in Iceland. The church is located on the top of a hill and you can take an elevator to see its mind-blowing design. The church is also modeled on the Svartifoss Waterfall where you will see the statue of Leif Ericsson who is popularly known for discovering North America in 1000 AD even before Christopher Columbus.

Wander around Hussey

Hussey is located in the east of Iceland and it is located between two stunning glacial rivers and surrounded by the enormous Eastern Mountains. It is popularly known for its flora and fauna as you will discover about 175 different kinds of plants and also 30 species of birds. You are also going to find reindeer roaming around or seals on some of the river banks in the area.

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