7 Reasons to Visit South Africa

In the southern-most tip of Africa lies a country marked by distinct qualities. Be it the refreshing beaches, beautiful weather, lush forestry, or elaborative history – South Africa shines above all for the variety it offers. Its capital city Cape Town especially has currently become a tourist hub, attracting people from all over the globe for its mesmerizing views.

Planning your next trip? South Africa is bound to rank high on your list. But if you are still confused where to visit when in South Africa, you can let go of your worries.

InterHyve Travel, a travel agency of Geneva, takes over your travel itinerary. From travel insurance, to seat booking, to trips in South Africa and the list of places you must visit, InterHyve Travel takes care of it all - for your holiday of ease and joy.

After careful consideration, and knowing the ins and outs of South Africa, InterHyve Travel suggests these as the top 7 reasons to visit South Africa:

The Wildlife Adventure

If you love going on safari, and watching the wildlife roam its natural habitat – South Africa is the place to be in. With more than 850 species of birds, and about 300 species of mammals, South Africa stuns with its biodiversity. People who visit mostly have the dream to see the ‘Big 5’ i.e. the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhinoceros, and Cape Buffalo. National parks in South Africa offer them just this opportunity and more – resulting in a happy and fulfilled tourist returning to his country.

One of the largest game reserves in the world, the Kruger National Park is located in the north-east of the country.

Book your visit through InterHyve Travel and have a private park tour arranged for an up-close and personal session with the animals. Another park ranking high on the list of must-visits in South Africa is the Addo Elephant Park. As animals which spoke of royalty and glamor, these huge creatures are a treat to see in the wild; squirting water on one another, and acting friendly with all who visit them.

Aquatic Wonders

In case you are not a mammals fan, and are intrigued by the aquatic life instead, fret not for South Africa has something special in store for you too. If you have the chance to visit Hermanus, a small yet beautiful town of this mighty country, know that you have arrived to the famed whale-watching destination of the world. Whether you are enjoying your lunch at a café, walking by the coastal footpath, or lying in the comfort of your hotel bed – you have the opportunity of watching whales. Surprising isn’t it? Imagine having a window right in front of your bed, and the beach beyond; when you wake up in the morning, you are greeted by whales swimming amongst the waves – a surreal sight indeed.

South Africa is also host to one of the greatest aquatic migrations of the world – the Sardine run. As ‘that’ time of the marine calendar arrives, you can see immeasurable shoals of sardines migrating towards the north, from the Eastern Cape and Natal; a beautiful natural phenomenon to witness.

Did someone say Penguins?!

Yes, you heard it right. Amongst other wonderful animals, South Africa is also home to the cute and cuddly Penguins. If you go to Cape Town, and have the opportunity to visit Boulder Beach, you will find a colony of about 3000 Penguins residing in, and around the shore.

The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) also has a birds rehabilitation centre nearby, where you can watch and pet Penguins, amongst other birds.

Adventure Sports

A must-visit for all true adventure-lovers, South Africa continues to attract tourists with the large variety of adventure sports on offer. Whether you wish to go bungee jumping or hiking, South Africa is the place to book your tickets to. The highest commercial jump in the world is the Bloukrans bungee jump. Whilst if you are a fan of cycling, the Cape Argus Cycling Tour is the largest individually timed cycling race in the world.

Offering water sports amongst land-based ones, South Africa also attracts aquatic adventurers. Surfing, scuba diving, rafting, and even Shark-Cage Diving are some of the many sports on offer.

Cape Town

The capital city of South Africa which has gained fame for its scenic beauty, Cape Town has become the buzz of the town. Becoming a prime movie-filming spot, as well as a tourist hub, Cape Town is visited by many throughout the year. Crowned by the Table Mountain Range, the city is known for its beautiful mountain streams, wonderful weather, lush greenery, and the city harbor.

The Rich History

If you have a knack for learning world history, South Africa is bound to be of interest to you. Lined with a variety of museums, South Africa is filled with remnants of Nelson Mandela’s struggle for freedom in the Apartheid time. You can book your tour with InterHyve Travel taking you across cities, to museums in Johannesburg and Pretoria, or a visit to the Robben Island Prison is also enlightening.

Recently, the abode of Nelson Mandela has also opened up for the public. Located on the Shambala Private Game Reserve, you can spend the night at Mandela’s house, taking in the sights whilst feeling the air of freedom struggle surrounding the house.

Cultural Diversity

Known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is home to a variety of ethnicities and cultures. Be it the indigenous tribes which settled in the past, or the new lot which recently shifted to South Africa - you will see a fusion of the past and present, cultural and modern. The country has 11 official languages, and thus a variety of people who are bilinguals, tri-linguals, or those who converse in more languages. The respective cultures are put on display in museums and paintings, for example the Cradle of Humankind, and the Bushman rock paintings.

If you wish for a cultural heavy experience, with a side of adventure and nature-loving experience, South Africa should be your next travel destination. Simply book your tickets via InterHyve Travel, and sit back and relax whilst this Geneva-based travel agency takes care of your vacationing needs.

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