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As holiday season approaches, the heart yearns to be a free spirit again. To roam the world, devoid of worries and workload, enjoy life and create memories. When wondering about the destinations which offer relaxation and enjoyment together – Fiji comes to mind. Consisting of more than 300 islands, Fiji is the land of dreams. From waterfalls to beaches to rugged landscapes to the beautiful weather, Fiji offers all.

Fiji sparkles amongst the large choice of islands around the world for the variety it offers. Not confined to nature-related activities only, islands in Fiji contain enlightenment and thrill. Learn the local culture, or pursue a day of adventure – your choice of recreational activities is unbounded. To bring the best activities amongst all to your disposal, the travel agency in Geneva, InterHyve Travel offers great assistance.

Curious about what Fiji offers to its travellers? Let us dive through the list of choices (pun intended):

The Beach Vibe

A visit to an island involves a customary visit to the beach. Fiji tops the charts in providing a time of solace and solitude. Lay by the shore, the sun light streaking through your hair, and the ocean flashing before your eyes. Wait for sunset, or go just before sunrise, for an experience you will always cherish. Contemplate, relax, and let go.

The Underwater Experience

Famed as the ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World’, Fiji’s underwater experience is a must-visit. Book your snorkeling tour by InterHyve Travel and get, set, swim. Remain near the top for a refreshing experience. Or thrill-seekers can swim deep down for the complete underwater experience.

Deep sea-dive near The Great White Wall, to explore the Rainbow Reef in all its glory. The corals underwater are a treat to the eyes; colorful and magnificent. A world truly different from the one onshore, the water world beckons revisits. But if you wish to explore another spot next, Fiji offers up-close and personal time with one of the longest barrier reefs in the world: the Great Astrolabe Reef. Watch the sea turtles in their natural habitat, or swim alongside the Manta Rays for an experience unlike any other.

The ‘On-Water’ Thrill – Surfing

InterHyve Travel tends to the wishes of surfers by providing them with the opportunity of a memorable surfing experience. If you’re searching for the perfect cloudbreak – February to October is the big wave season in Fiji. Close to the island Viti Levu is a hub for regular surfers, to join and embark on their surfing journey.

Ride the big waves, or wait for your high tide, Fiji has long been considered one of the most legendary surf destinations of the world. Get on water, and surf your heart out.


Where there is water, there is fish – and here come fishing-lovers, yearning to throw their fishing line into the water. Whether you are a professional fisherman, or one who loves this way of connecting with nature, Fiji provides an avenue to explore your hearts desires.

For a good fishing experience, be sure to ask the assisting staff in InterHyve Travel for the best fishing months. You may feel disappointed if you go to fish for a specific type of fish, only to find out it is an improbable catch in those months. For example, catching the Blue Marlin in December. Also be vary of local beliefs and allowances before you embark on your fishing expedition. Some locals have specified reef regions, whilst others would be unhappy with foreigners disturbing the fish in their natural habitat.

Remember, when visiting any foreign land, ask, confirm, and then act. We know this is a lng and difficult chain to follow in most circumstances, which is why InterHyve Travel comes in as travel guides, to make your holiday journey a tad bit easier, and a whole lot fun.

Up Close and Personal in Nature Exploration

An underwater experience is the complement of numerous islands, but an offshore experience is one given by very few. Fiji islands excel in this regard, by offering a gem in their midst the likes of The Garden of The Sleeping Giant. Merely twenty minutes away from Nadi, this garden exists at the foot of a mountain of the same name. Heaven for horticulturalists and those possessing the love for flowers, this garden offers a wide variety of impressive cultivation. Hosting more than 2000 varieties of the Cattleya Birds and Asian Orchids, the garden stuns with its collection of plants and flowers, some of them only home to the island itself. In a minor fee, a visit to The Garden of The Sleeping Giant also entails an opportunity to roam through the Fijian Jungle – an experience worth revisiting.

A Whiff of Local Culture

When in Fiji, do as the locals do.

One of the best elements of a journey to a foreign land is the diversity. Be it the diversity in landscape, nature, or especially people - everything seems different yet similar at the same time. One is able to look at other cultures, even indigenous cultures in visits to places like Fiji, and understand the similarities of human nature amongst the differences in worldly affairs.

With InterHyve Travel, you can explore the local culture and customs via arranged boat tours. Cruising alongside the Sigatoka River, you can observe the Fijian villages lining the shore, and take part in many local activities. One such example is the Kava Ceremony. The national beverage of Fiji, the Kava is made from the Kava Root. With a slightly bitter taste and powdery texture, the drink has a distinctive taste. As all sit around in a circle, the eldest of the lot (usually a male) takes a sip of the drink, after passing it on for others to consume.

Thinking of visiting Fiji islands? You now have a list of activities to pursue, and destinations to visit. For a travel agency from Geneva, opt for InterHyve Travel for a memorable experience of ease, comfort, and the usual tinge of adventure.

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