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Far from the rowdy luxury of its Arab neighbors, this “Gulf of Switzerland” favors the joys of nature and traditions. A boon for for demanding customers

When you feel like visiting the beach, but also going for desert safari, where do you go?

Considering two extremes – the hot, scarce, desert and the beautiful, cool, beach – it seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? But these two aspects which are poles apart, can be found in a visit to Oman. Located on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman was a major tourist hub back in the day. A culturally vibrant country, it exhibited the local tastes of the Middle East, with a sense of modern touch. Alongside refreshing beaches, there are rugged mountains and beautiful sand dunes. All of this and more make Oman a must-visit.

Pair up with the Genevan travel agency, InterHyve Travel, and get ready to explore Oman like never before. Here are some of the main tourist attractions Oman is famous for:

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

An architectural wonder, the Grand Mosque is the most famous of all the Sultan Qaboos mosques built around the country. Constructed in Muscat in 2001, the mosque has long been one of the very first stops of each tourist visiting Oman, irrespective of religion. With a capacity to hold 20,000 people, the mosque stuns with its golden domes, beautiful, engraved walls, and astonishing minarets. The main prayer hall has a grand central crystal chandelier, which steals the spotlight, enhancing the beauty of the mosque by giving it a royal touch.

A distinctive quality of this mosque is that many of its components hold a certain story. The Iranian rug, for example, is the second largest handmade Iranian rug in the world, taking 600 women approximately four years to weave and complete. Knowing such a wonder exists in the confines of the mosque makes it a true tourist attraction.

Well Cared for Wildlife

Who does not love a glimpse of nature when holidaying in a foreign land?

In Oman, the wildlife is not only evident and heartwarming, but also well cared for. The Ras al Jinz located in Eastern Oman is a natural reserve for endangered species the likes of the Green Turtle. These little creatures revisit the land when it is time to lay eggs with approximately 20,000 female turtles returning to the reserve. If you love watching nature, and the birth of things natural – visit the reserve in the early morning, and you might get the opportunity to witness hatching of eggs. For a tour of the place, have InterHyve Travel arrange a tour guide for you, for a better, recreational experience.

The Mountains and Hiking

A journey up Oman’s highest mountain, Jebel Shams, is accompanied by a view into the horizon beyond – Wadi Ghul, also called the Grand Canyon of Arabia. It is thought that this mountain is the first point from where the sun rises, thus resulting in the name Jebel Shams, with Shams meaning Sun.

Whether you wish to stare at the mountain’s top, from the foot of the mountain, or are adventurous enough to go hiking, both options are widely taken up by tourists. With proper hiking trails, as well as well-constructed hotels at the top of the mountain, Jebel Shams is a famous tourist attraction, enticing all with its views of scenic beauty.

Jebel Al Akhdar is another mountain famous for its hiking trails. Also known as the Green Mountain, it has vegetation covering its rugged area, with many farmers having their abode on the mountain slopes. Hike up the mountain, or drive up for a meet and greet with the farmers to get a taste of local culture.

Bimmah Sinkhole

An idea which invokes the curiosity of tourists and attracts them with merely its name, the Bimmah Sinkhole is another beautiful wonder in Oman. Located near Muscat, initially this area had layers of limestones. The lower layers eventually dissolved, resulting in a collapse of the surface layer, thereby creating a vast hole. With rugged rock formations in the surroundings, and clear turquoise water in the middle, the Bimmah Sinkhole is a must-visit for all tourists planning to go to Oman.

Relaxing Beaches

If you’re visiting Muscat, you must visit the beach. One of the longest beaches in Oman, the Al Qurum Beach lines the coast of Muscat. Ask InterHyve Travel to book you in a hotel nearby, so you can enjoy the cool sea breeze as you wake up in the morning, ready to accomplish much of your travel itinerary. Go to the beach, practice your swimming or lay down for a sun tan. If traveling with family, set your picnic cloth and basket for the time of your lives. Visit the nearby shopping malls, or enjoy the delicacies of nearby cafes. Sea, food, and shopping – sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

Royal Opera House

Located near the Al Qurum beach is the Royal Opera House. With mesmerising architecture and great attention to detail, the place speaks of royalty. The main junction for international performances, and arts and theatre, the Royal Opera House continues to attract many art lovers.

Mutrah Souq

The Middle East is famous for its local shopping areas, or Souqs as they call them, and Oman does not fall behind. One of the earliest dated markets in Oman, the Mutrah Souq is a place of interest to most visitors. Brimming with customers, sellers, and exciting merchandise, the Souq has a vibe which entices all. Whether you are looking for Omani and Indian artifacts, something vintage, locally made jewelry, or soft pashminas – anything and everything is available at Mutrah Souq.

If you wish to take souvenirs back home for your loved ones from your visit to Oman, Mutrah Souq is the place to buy your things from. Who knows, maybe your bargaining skills can shine through, and you can buy all you wish with a little discount!!

Wahiba Sands

For a peaceful yet exhilarating experience, head over to Wahiba Sands. With camels, sand dunes, and Bedouin tents, this desert safari is all that you need to fall in love with Oman. Go for the safari, spend a night in the tents, have tea by the fire and witness the sunset and sunrise, beyond the sand in all its glory.

Excited with all Oman has to offer?

Book your travel journey now, with Genevan travel agency InterHyve Travel, for an unforgettable experience.

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